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Happy Birthday

Today is 3.7.2011 and guess what..It's Ryoga's Birthday
I Just twited to him to say Happy Birthday and...waiting for him to RT me [Not gonna happen]..but still hoping XD
Made this graphic last night, it look quite wired but..ye, I made this so I love it LOL

Let's say it once again

Fuck yeah!

Vortex was home about 2 week ago! Look so cool and i got a poster of them! I feel really happy. Now i am waiting for DEMONS of BORN, just hope it will be at my home on Ryoga's Birthday [3.7.2011] and that will make my life much better and happier

That's all, now...back to what I am doing, translating BORN's Interview
Read those interview of BORN just make me laugh


Good Mood? Yes or No?!

 Ok, this is not a felling that I want 2 have right now
Why things goin' to this way
I have been waiting 4 Vortex almost 2 week. And 2day, it finally comes to our country [VietNam]
Because I'm not old enough to buy it myself so I have 2 order it throw a friend in Jrock 4rum of our country and she is Alzheimer_13
She updated a picture of what we have ordered...I'm so happy that it finally here, and in the picture, I saw 4 poster size B2, a poter of the cover like usual and 6 stickesr of each member of the GazettE
Wodering...why there are 6 stickers while the GazettE only has 5 members and if those sticker is goin' with each order DVD..it's still has 5 stickers of Ruki, Uruha, Aoi , Reita and Kai

And hell yeah..because ;__________; those stickers is goin' with Regular ver only and we order 6 of them ;_______;
How about the poster with cover of Vortex on it...qhy only one...again..like Pledge, CdJapan don't give us any *cry*
A........why why why why why why
I want those stickers
And...the 4 poster size B2 with Vortex picture [OHP] on it...it only for who order two tybe [Regular and Limited]
Still waiting to Alzheimer_13 ship it to my house but......I want to die right now 
Just wish that i had ordered Regular Tybe, too ;__________;

 Picture by Alzheimer_13 [I don't want to resize it ;___________;]


This day so great
I go to the beach with my relative...it has been a long time don't have this felling
We played with each other with so many games we can "invent" in the water
Such like...throw other person from the bottom of of the water to the air
I'm the one who "fly" highest because i'm the smallest person and with 10 person hold me to throw me into the air....I flew about 5m from the sea
Another game is...making a paramind in the water...we keep climbing on the other..so much fun and people on the beach keep looking as us 
Finally I can read the tranlation of Shoxx vol 221. It's so funny and...a~~~ how much I love Aoi and Ruki in this inter (Thanks to Shin-Chizurushin)
I found the picture of the Uruha's Birthday Cake, which has been on stage to celebrate Uruha's Birthday on 1.6.2011 at Nagoya
And there is it
I can't believe this is the brithday cake...In Viet Nam, to make this cake it will be like...never
And for the credit...I took it from Hisshi_twitter [Masato Hishinuma Stylist of the GazettE]


 Last night!!! After find out pictures of the GazettE while they were signing for Global PS Company Fanclub..the power of me was turn on...And now i'm back to what i was doing months ago LOL

So now, the problem is my 4rum Ichibanvn.com is fixing so i have to do something eles. Thought, i'm a mod of Miyavi box and the box just like a mex...that makes me want to make-over the box

Mp3 Download Topic.... Yep, everything just so wrong, and thing I do now is re-upload the discography of him. Fell...tired, i started it about 2 months a go..now i finished but just not that
Next is the PV Download topic...another mex ;___________________;... I said that I will re-up it about...a year ago but now things i have done is...none ;______________________;
Back to what i said of the top of this entry...power, yep my power is back, after talking with Hana i'm now on the way to down and up, up and down all Pv of Myv... tired, he has a lot of Pv and I don't have enough of them...i still mis some Pv, and those Pv i missed are Myv's old pvs like Gigpig BoogieGirls, be ambitious, Joushou Gaidou, Jibun Kakumei






 Today has been a wierd day ever. Everybody jsut keep looking at me ;______________;
First, I wake up really eaely this morning...aroung 6:30 Am [Yep...that makes me slept only for 3 hours]
My mom asking me to go to the store and have breakfast with me...because there are nothing to do in suck as an early morning like this so i said yes to her
We went to the store near our house. I sat there and eat first [because my mom go to the market nearby to by some fruit]
While i were eatting there were to girls walked in...they said next to me and.............opened there eyse, looking at me with the wired look ever...
I was like ;_______________________________; "Why you girls keep looking at me like that...is anthing i did wrong or my face has somthing on it"
Even when I finished my breakfast, they were still eatting and looking at me at the same time. Not just that, when I went home...they are still...

Jsut about half an hour ago..I went to buy some food to eat
When I were driving on my motorbike, I looked arounf...Yep, Sunday's Night, everything is so busy, the beech look so energy..and then, I turned my body to another direction................there is a boy sat on the other motorebike keep........you know...looking at 
I was like ;_________________________; "What the heck are you looking at, kid" [again]
We keep driving next to ech other about 500m...the boy just don't stop looking and me...so angry and wondering i look back to hime
=................................................= 'keep looking at me, I'll kill you"..and drove my motore over their motor ;_____________;

Now, I'm home and..........write this

I am on my way to up Myv'pics and Mp3 download to re-fix Myv's Topic of our 4rum ;________________;

Feel so tierd wight now ;A;


Happy Birthday

First post of RiRi on Livejournal